July 9th – Carpet Repair Fundamentals with TLC


Date: Saturday July 9th, 2021
Location: Virtual
Details: This class covers all the basics from job site safety to customer communication and setting realistic expectations to how to do your initial inspection and what to look for before quoting a price. We review the basic industry guidelines and what you need to know to get the job done correctly, including the tools tips & tricks that teach you to get the job done efficiently, without risking damage to the existing structure.

From simple stretching to bonded inserts and seam repair, we cover a lot of simple techniques to make your work exceptional, so you can create customer cheerleaders and develop more work with minimal investment.

The 4 hour CEC online class (zoom) is scheduled for Saturday July 9th 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST However there will be an open discussion afterward for an hour or more for those who wish to stay .

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